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Autonomous Cloud is an advanced management, monitoring and optimisation solution for your Azure cloud services. Combined with advanced ITSM integration, detailed optimisation and documentation services, as well as powerful automation, Autonomous Cloud is like having your own expert, in-house Azure team working round the clock to enable you to get the most from your Azure investment.

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Autonomous Cloud: Benefits


Traditional build and documentation for an Azure setup can take weeks. With our Autonomous products, this can be achieved in under 3 hours

at Scale

Autonomous Cloud automatically manages, monitors, optimises and documents your Cloud environment as it grows - an industry first!

40% more efficient
at detecting issues

Autonomous Cloud detects issues 40% faster than with a traditional management or monitoring tool

50% cheaper
to run in the cloud

Our Autonomous products helps to reduce infrastructure costs by up to 50% when compared with running on-premises for SMB or mid-market customers when migrating or extending